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Special Techniques to Make A Retaining Wall Look Professional

Rock Facing Wall
In order to get a rough finish look from the block or coping, you have to chip the end of the block. Use a chisel to split and take of the end of the block, this will create a rock face finish.
Use a Brick Saw
Use a brick saw to make your blocks fit. Some blocks will not fit, so you have to use a brick saw. When cutting blocks with a brick saw, start making the cut in the face of the block. This will give the block a clean, close cut. The wall will not have any gaps and will not appear to be sloppy.
Use Unilock Adhesive
To keep your coping from falling off, use a concrete chalking adhesive, which is made for glueing together retaining walls. This glue is made for this purpose, and creates a "Unilock" bond, which makes the wall strong, and practically impossible to separate.
Use a torpedo level the Entire Time
As you build your wall, make sure to use your torpedo level on every block, keeping the wall level. The most important thing with leveling is to make sure the final or top curse meets the grade you want to reach (ex. Front Door of House)


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