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Chooses For Pavers Along With Materials and Equipment Needed

Choosing Paver-Color, Shape, Etc.
The first choice when considering the design of a patio or sidewalk, is the type of paver to be used. The most commonly used brand for pavers in Ohio is Unilock. The choices of colors are endless. You can mix colors of pavers, just keep the paver type the same. For example, you may choose to use Brussel pavers, and use sandstone and amber pavers. The type of paver you use, can effect the layout or design of your patio. Pavers come in many different sizes; full brick, half brick, quarter brick, and even double full brick. Choosing a pattern will have an effect on how many of each size brick you will need.
Choosing Pattern for Pavers
to be Laid Out for Patio/ Sidewalk
Different patterns work best for different sizes and shapes of patios and/or sidewalks. You can choose from running board, herringbone, basket weave, unidacore, etc. All examples are at bottom of pages with pictures. Sidewalks are best laid with a pattern that is simple, that does not require many pavers to be cut, such as running board for straignt sidewalks or herringbone for curving sidewalks. Patios can be laid out in just about any style, including a circle of pavers in set in the middle of a different pattern in a patio. .
Material to choose from
You will need to choose a base material, the most highly recommended is 411'. Sand is also needed, typically a mason sand is used for screening. Paver edging is a most, Unilock's is 8' long black plastic edging that allows spikes to be driven through it and can be buried for astectic purposes.
Equipment: Rent or Buy
If you plan on installing several patios/ sidewalks, you may want to buy your equipment. For a one time project, it is best to rent the equipment. You typically can rent everything you need from a equipment rental company such as National Rent or Home Depot. It is recommended to rent a Bobcat, dry brick saw, gas plate compactor, and any other machinary you may need. You will also need a rubber malet, hammer, chalk line, 2x4 to screen sand, level (both a 4' level and small torpedo level), traul, spray paint, pencil, and a string line.


Herringbone-Horizontal (Amber Pavers)

Herringbone-Vertical (Limestone Pavers)

Herringbone-Large Soldier Row (Sandstone Paver)

Running Board- (Sandstone Pavers)

Basketweave- (Limestone Paver)







Unidecor- (Limestone Paver)

Paver Patios
Retaining Walls
Basic Steps
Looking Professional
Basic Steps Looking Professional Materials
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